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I have been drawing tattoos since the late 70's, getting tattooed since the mid 1980s &  tattooing since the mid 1990s. My obsession with tattooing as an underground art form led to me being renowned in tattooing circles as being  "extremely boring". I opened Ace Kustom  Tattoo in 2002 &  was  for some time the only professional tattoo  geezer in the glorious Borough of Wythenshawe. The fine people of South Manchester have been kind enough to keep me amused &  fed   for over 17 years &  it's made me what I am today- fat & old!

I specialise in one-off custom individually drawn designs, and like to work in any given style as long as we can make a nice tattoo out of it. I am pretty friggin' sharp at covering up or repairing cheap shoddy work, but bear in mind it's not as flexible as working on clean skin so try not to get fucked up in the first place! 


"Adorn thy body as it were a temple,not a toilet" 


BA Hons Fine Art

National Tattoo Association

Bristol Tattooing Club

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