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We have always put the health & welfare of our customers & friends,& of the community at large,at the forefront of our business concerns.Due to the prevalance of Covid 19,like all other business we have had to factor in extra precautions to enhance the safety of our procedures.

We have FULL laboratory level onsite sterilization & ultrasonic cleaning,
constant use of PPE,disposable surface barriers,
HEPA, UVC & ionising air purifiers for air disinfection,
Constant onsite access to hand sanitizing facilities,
Regular scheduled and incident specific surface disinfection with surgical grade antiviral, anti fungal & antibacterial solutions, full client contact details & batch sterilisation records,full contaminated  & general waste disposal protocols & records, & staff with full knowledge & experienceof the newest infection control practices including W.H.O.qualifications in general hygeine & contamination control & also specific training in SARS/Covid 19 control & containment methods.



Customers must attend appointments alone.There are no waiting room facilities & no entrance to the studio without prior appointment.You will be expected to sign a disclaimer regarding your health & any ongoing medical conditions including possible exposure to Covid-19.

Appointments for tattoo consultations & for piercing can be arranged by contacting us on 0161 945 8433

Food & drink is not allowed on the premises.Mask wearing is compulsory*,as is hand sanitising on entering & leaving the studio,and whenever you are advised to.

If you have any symptoms of covid-19 or flu,

  • a high temperature

  • a new, continuous cough

  • a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste

have been advised to self-isolate or have been in recent contact with anybody advised to self isolate,or have returned from an area with a high prevalence of Covid-19 in the last two weeks,PLEASE STAY HOME!

*NOTE-If you are unable to wear a mask,you will be required to postpone your appointment until it is not neccesary to do so.

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